BORÅS HOCKEY now invites you to the Borås Hockey Cup, which is played with two groups of five teams. All teams play two games on Friday, two games on Saturday and one on Sunday. After the group stage, the tournament ends with play-offs for the two best teams in each group. Team one in group A meets team one in group B in the final. Teams 2 to 5 in each group play a placement match on Sunday.

All games are played 2 x 20 minutes effective time.

Play hockey for three days, Friday – Sunday, and stay in our finest hotels for only SEK 1,800 per person. The price applies to players, managers and relatives and includes accommodation, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday and lunch on Sunday. Breakfast is included in the accommodation.

ATTENTION! If you want to come already on Thursday, the extra night costs SEK 400 per person per night.

Should you choose to come already on Thursday, we offer supper in the form of filet, cereals and sandwiches at no extra cost when you arrive at the hotel on Thursday evening.